How to measure correctly :

Our Tomar Creation slippers are designed with reference to the global size charts.

Adults: Take your usual size for slippers and Little gummies but for sandals open to toes I recommend one size less.

Children: Remember to measure your foot often!

how to shoes your size of tomar creation shoe

Your child's foot should be measured correctly and the result reported on the pedometer provided below. Use the following tips to measure your child's foot:

1) Lay your baby's foot flat on a sheet of paper with the toes extended. For best results, baby should be standing.

2) Mark the start of the heel and the edge of the foot with a pencil.

3) Using a ruler, measure the distance between the two ends.

4) Transfer the "foot size in cm" measurement to the pedometer.

We allow a margin of 1 cm for babies and children. If this margin seems too large, choose the internal length, which indicates the space for the foot in the shoe. We allow a margin of 0.2 to 0.6 cm for adult sizes.

Do not take too large a margin for your sandals.


*Baby foot of 13cm, for wool lined slippers, take 22, the margin of 1 cm will be appreciated and the slippers can be worn all winter with a pair of socks.

*Baby's foot 13 cm, for small summer gummies without lining, take rather 21, the child will be at ease, barefoot in his sandals, for 2 months of sun.

*Women's feet are 23.5 cm, a size 37 is perfectly suitable with or without a lining. The foot does not grow any more and the leather forms at the foot.

*Men's foot 27 cm, size 42 also fits very well, the foot does not grow and the leather is formed.



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