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When designer and distributor become one!

Charline, originally from Normandy France, and Eduard, originally from Slovakia, have been managing the Tomar family workshop and its team for more than 10 years.Together they design, sew and finalize slippers and leather shoes of quality and original style responding to the request of Barefoot:

"We are 3 seamstresses and 3 preparators-assemblers, the idea, the design, the choice of materials, the cutting, the sewing, the shooting, photo editing, the layout on our online store, the sales, shipments, and finally the after-sales service, we take care of all the production, from concept to sale.Every pair of shoes passes through our hands.



In 1992, shortly after the fall of communism, Maria Tomišova and her husband Eduard Tomiš opened the Tomar Partizánske sewing workshop in the heart of Slovakia.

Maria Tomišova, a former sewing trainer, began by making leather handbags.With her husband, an artist and orthopedic shoe specialist, they embarked on the manufacture of shoes for baby's first steps.

Distributed throughout Slovakia, TOMAR products are recognized for their artisanal quality: baby shoes are produced in small series, and assembly on the sole is handmade.

The products are designed, produced and checked with a focus on both health and practicality.The materials used are therefore completely natural.

The TOMAR sewing workshop is also 30 years of experience in subcontracting: a craftsmanship that serves both podiatrists for the manufacture of unique models for their patients and footwear industries for sewingprototypes or models distributed throughout Europe.

Charline and Edo take over the family workshop

A love story that begins in England, consolidates in France and flourishes in Slovakia by giving birth to two pretty little girls and to the French brand "Tomar Creation".

In 2008 during my stay in Slovakia, I learned the Slovak language while helping to make Tomar Partizánske products. Over the course of the exchanges with the expert seamstresses of the shoe, the idea comes to me of making known the products in France and especially of injecting a new creative impetus into the company.

With the support of our elders, our respective families, we then designed two new models of baby sandals as well as soft slippers.

A 100% artisanal quality design by a determined team

We are 3 seamstresses and 3 preparers within the team to make Tomar shoes and slippers.

We welcome every new order and take the crafting of each pair designed seriously.

Our concept

Trendy, chic and resistant slippers.A barefoot feeling offering real freedom of movement.Comfortable thanks to quality materials, our soft leather slippers adjust to the shape and size of your foot and the linings provide even more warmth for the winter.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor wear, slip on your slippers at home, nursery, school, boarding school, or even the office.They also adapt to your sporting activities such as your dance and yoga classes.On your terrace or in the garden in dry weather, for the little ones during walks in a stroller or in the baby carrier, your Tomar Création slippers will never leave you!

Our soft slippers are recommended by many paediatricians, podiatrists and nursery staff.

Our projects

The creation of a collection of soft boots for baby's first steps and the design of a new model of shoes for adults.

Do not hesitate !Make people happy by offering an original gift!

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